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One more way to keep people confused
MS-NBC has a poll for those after the Republican Candidate's Debate, over who won it.

Now, at the time I first checked it, it was showing 50.8% of the votes for Ron Paul, 17% for Mitt Romney.  I suspect there's possibly some Ron Paul supporter box-stuffing there, but still...

My issue lies with the graph displayed:

Now, on a bar graph, the length of the bar is *USUALLY* proportional to the value represented - only the scientists use those weird logorithmic graphs.  By my measurements, the bar for Ron Paul is 368 pixels, while the bar for Mitt Romney is 244.  So, for some reason, MS-NBC seems to think it reasonable to show a value 1/3rd as large, with a bar that's 2/3rds as large.

This is ... annoying.  The raw values are also shown, so it's hard to say it's actually fraudulent, but ... it's certainly deceptive.


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