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Go baby go!!!
 Falcon 9 - 9 minutes to orbit - it's just *APPROPRIATE*.  And who knows?  Maybe it'll be the start of getting us out of this mess with NASA that the last few presidents have gotten us into.  Maybe we'll get the Falcon 16 or Falcon 25 soonish!  (As I understand it, the Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 are named for the number of Falcon engines they have).

Maybe the Falcon 1s will become the little couriers on motorcycles, while the Falcon 9s act as Dad's little compact car, that he uses every day to go to work and run his sales route, and the Falcon 16s can be Mom's SUV she uses to take the kids to ballet, soccer, and the Young Astronauts Camp, and the Falcon 25s will be the big-ass dually-pickup that carries the loads of feed to the farm.

A man can dream, anyway.


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