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A bit of metajournaling
Journaling like this isn't that easy for me, as my mind skips from topic to topic to topic in blazing comets of connections.  Earlier, as I was visiting Nadia (the Feline Owner of the house) on the bed, the topics ranged from recycling (someone asked me if I knew we had aluminum recycling bins in the break room after I crushed the can I'd been drinking in my hands.  I did, but it got me onto my favorite soapbox about recycling, which is the con that is the sorting of recyclables into different categories.) which lead to my religious views (pantheist - not polytheist, not panentheist), which lead to the idea of considering children as citizen candidates and citizen cadets (which kinda touches on my feelings about libertarianism, what a society should be, and immigration).  Of course, at some point, a vague ghost of a thought about space travel flitted by as well - I'm very interested in the space program, and even got to see a shuttle launch a month or so ago (even from 20+ miles away - F'ing AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!)

And I'm very out of shape with keeping my thoughts organized into a semblance of structure (which tags educational theory and formal structures to use to memorize larger chunks of information in my head - and then that loops back to the People, because Zenna Henderson was a teacher, as was my mom.)

This LiveJournal thing is a lot tougher than it looks!

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I find it very interesting to see how your thoughts progress... and to think all f this is going on while you are playing with your ding-a-ling!
and feels obligated to point out that TaraLi's ding-a-ling is his phone!which is also a palm/camera/etc.

My own feelings about immigration are rather unorthodox... I'd prefer it if citizenship were open-sourced, with people opting to live wherever they wanted upon reaching voting age. After freedom of speech and freedom of religion, freedom of nationality would seem to be the next frontier.

Oh, and welcome to LJ!

Open sourced citizenship - that sounds fairly libertarian... *laughs* Not sure just exactly what you mean by it, though. The source code for US Citizenship is - at least in theory - fairly simple and found all over the place - the US Constitution. I will admit that what Congress has done to *implement* it is a right royal pain to decode, and the UI (the INS) makes UNIX regular expressions seem clear and readable...

There is a book titled The Rainbow Cadenza by J. Neil Schulman, where one colony off of Earth handles citizenship in a rather simple manner: you sign a contract when you enter their territory, or you have a guardian and are considered a child.

Another - Heinlein's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, has one of the characters proposing a system in which a candidate for office would get a petition, and get one vote for every 10,000 citizens, and would represent those 10,000 citizens directly (and if could get 20,000 to sign - would get 2 votes!)

The Founding Fathers were right to go with a representative form of government, rather than a direct election on each and every topic, and they worked on the balance very carefully, which has since been disrupted through the amendment which provides for direct election of Senators.

Freedom of nationality is, I think, a bit of a mistake. Isaac Asimov noted that there are just three numbers that make sense - zero, one, and infinity. We've never actually tried the true anarchy of zero governments - there's always some batch of warlords who want to make themselves into governments. An infinity of governments would be best approximated by each person governing themselves (yeah, self-discipline - what a strange concept!), and we can already see the trend towards the current multiplicity of governments collapsing down towards one unified government (NATO, the EU, the proposals for like organizations on each continent, and the UN).

Perhaps I really should make this a top level post - I've got some ideas about government I can rant on like Dennis Miller.

Heh. It's more LeGuinian anarcho-communism than Heinleinian libertarianism, but see what you think.

What I mean by freedom of nationality is that a government can't say "you were born on this chunk of land, and that's who you are/where you'll stay". Nations have appropriated a lot of humanity's freedom of movement by building border walls and setting quotas on immigration. The way I can see doing away with that, without having to do away with all governments/nations, is to have each nationality compete for its population on the open market; that way nations would be forced to take care of their own, as well as work for the benefit of nations immigrating to theirs.

Nice in theory, but Gordon R. Dickson's Dorsai stories address this, with the end result being nations selling their citizens, essentially, as a way to trade needed skills around.

F. Paul Wilson's LaNague Chronicles also touches on this, with the Federation set up having only one real law for the planets under it: the right of exit (come to think of it, Leo Frankowski's Conrad novels end up with Poland enforcing the same restriction on other nations... and they might well be right that that would be the *ONLY* restriction needed to be placed on governments. Not that another government would be required to allow you *in*. And crowding becomes an issue, too - what happens when you have 9/10ths of the land belonging to one amazingly repressive government with 1/20th of the world's population? Soooo, still things to look at in this idea...)

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I did a search - I don't remember just what term I was searching for, and found your journal. I then spent quite a bit of time going through the Ausperger's test, and the political dimensions tests. I rather enjoyed what I read, so I did the natural LJ thing.

I just remembered what it was I was looking for: arcologies. I don't think I saw why that one showed up for you, but still, found your journal interesting enough.

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